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Lucy Fensome

"My name is Lucy Fensom and I founded Safe Haven For Donkeys in the Holy Land fifteen years ago when I discovered the terrible conditions faced by donkeys mules and horses in Israel and Palestine.

Thousands of donkeys, mules and horses face neglect and cruelty in this part of the world every day and I am determined to help as many as I can. With the help of people like you, hundreds have found peace at our sanctuary with love and expert care and around 600 each week receive  free treatments through our clinics enabling them to be free of the pain and agony of neglect but we need to do so much more!

Our care for  the working donkeys also improves the lives of their owners who themselves suffer terrible hardships, for many people without the donkey they would find it hard to survive. But none of this is possible without your help which we need desperately right now.

Can you help a little donkey find a stable or a lifesaving treatment in this our special 15th anniversary year? Please click on the donate button now and help us care for our 215 animals in 2015!

Bless you and thank you for your support."

Lucy Fensom, February 2015

Rescue stories



Early in November 2014, Ahmed, our farrier in Hebron, called our chief vet Dr Jaber to report that…

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There are several easy ways for you to help raise funds for Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land!